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29th August 2004 - Discovered that in a copy of Night Dragon (No.52) on the book titles page at the front it shows book 51 as `Plague of the Undead` when it actually became `Island of the Undead`

21st December 2004 - More content added and front page changed, especially the artwork and figurines. Look out in the new year for more scans of the different covers available and some American and foreign versions.
17th February 2005 - Added the signed posters and the new `Eye of the Dragon` Wizard title
27th March 2005 - Added some items I acquired from another FF collector. The Clarecraft Tombstone, American copy of The Demon Spider and Ian Livingstone signed postcard. Amongst other new additions are a Wizard badge, foreign covers and Warlock of Firetop Mountain on Spectrum.
25th April 2005 - Added a guest book and more of the regular cover variations. Added more stuff for sale. Having trouble with the feedback form and the buttons on the top and left, any advice, let me know.
15th May 2005 - Added Original covers of Sorcery! 3 and 4 that I found scans of on the web along with the American No.1 Goldhawk. The lead Warlock miniature made by Games Workshop, Seas of Blood on Spectrum 48k, finally got a copy of the Poster Book and the WOFTM Jigsaw. Also a scan of the WOFTM Spectrum 48k box set.
12th June 2005 - Picked up a copy of the rare Battlegame for the plastic miniatures and added scans of the various plastic miniatures that were available (source: ebay).

OTHER HOT NEWS!!!! Fighting Fantasy games on the way for handhelds - Games Workshop co-founders Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson to bring 15 million-selling series to DS and PSP





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