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last updated 07/03/2010

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Jonathan Green, Steve Jackson and myself at Gamesfest 4 (2009)


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Special Edition covers

numbers in brackets (2) denote the original number used


FF1_Wizard.jpg (117195 bytes) FF2 Wizard.jpg (104037 bytes) FF3 Wizard.jpg (97824 bytes) FF4 Wizard.jpg (96159 bytes) FF5 Wizard.jpg (101623 bytes)
No.1 (1) No.2 (2) No.3 (6) No.4 (24) No.5 (5)
FF6 Wizard.jpg (97996 bytes) FF7 Wizard.jpg (105169 bytes) FF8 Wizard.jpg (114591 bytes) FF9 Wizard.jpg (112538 bytes) FF10 Wizard.jpg (94704 bytes)
No.6 (26) No.7 (10) No.8 (3) No.9 (Sorcery 1) No.10 (9)
FF11 Wizard SE.jpg (101574 bytes) FF12 Wizard SE.jpg (92820 bytes) FF13 Wizard SE.jpg (99587 bytes) FF14 Wizard.jpg (108593 bytes) FF15 Wizard SE.jpg (94320 bytes)
No.11 (Sorcery 2) No.12 (21) No.13 (Sorcery 3) No.14  (36) Armies of Death was never published as a special edition No.15 (Sorcery 4)
FF16 Wizard SE.jpg (91761 bytes) FF17 Wizard SE.jpg (100066 bytes) FF18 Wizard SE.jpg (111399 bytes) FF19 Wizard SE.jpg (92172 bytes) FF20 Wizard SE.jpg (105269 bytes)
No.16 (50) No.17 (7) No.18 (17) No.19 (14) No.20 (54)
No.21 g

See the text here

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If you are unable to find a copy of the latest edition of these titles I should be able to get them and for a modest fee send them to you anywhere in the world. e-mail me for details.
This cover version of No.21 was never used No.21 Brand New Material! No.22 (22)   No.23 (13)


New Spellbreaker
No.24 (11) No.25 (20) No.26 - New material

Read the background as to why it could have been the original no.60

No.27 (59) - No.28 (53)
New Warlock of Firetop Mountain      
Special 25th Edition


No.29 Brand New Material!   Series 2  


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