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last updated 27/08/2012

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Jonathan Green, Steve Jackson and myself at Gamesfest 4 (2009)


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28th July 2013

This site is no longer being maintained but is still a huge resource for all Fighting Fantasy fans. All the latest FF material and news can still be found at www.fightingfantasy.com. The latest checklist and price guide can be found on ISSUU. If you want to find out more get in touch and we can talk.

27th August 2012

Can you believe Fighting Fantasy was officially launched 30 years ago today? Well it's true, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain was published this very day. Find out more at www.fightingfantasy.com

(apologise for the quality of the book!)

24th June 2012

Blood of the Zombies cover! Out August 4th

8th June 2012

Further to my selling the guide I have decided to now give it away for all to enjoy.

Back over at the Official site www.fightingfantasy.com the build up to the launch of the new Ian Livingstone book, Blood of the Zombies, in August is mounting. The book is also being brought to us in iOS and Android formats by Tin Man Games under the Gamebook Adventures brand.

15th March 2012

Hello, neglected fans. Please forgive me as I have been busy over at www.fightingfantasy.com as the new editor. Whilst I have been away I visited Dragonmeet with Ian Livingstone later last year, interviewed in issue 8 of the Fighting Fantazine where you can still find my regular column. Oh, and I even got a small article published in last months ScifiNow magazine. How remiss of me, talking about me. I have forgotten all about the new book coming out in August and the fact it is Fighting Fantasy's 30th Anniversary this year. 30 years, yes you heard me right. That means a lot of you reading this are already 40 or just reaching it, just like me, this year in fact. So, Blood of the Zombies, what do you think? Better than, Escape from Zombie Castle? Did you vote and have your say? The new book by Ian is eagerly awaited and I promise this time to keep this site updated. Follow the news on the official site and follow me on Twitter @fightingfantasy. Can't officially sign myself of as The Warlock here but I kinda just did anyway.


18th August 2011

IT'S OFFICIAL - I am now the new Editor over at the official site www.fightingfantasy.com

This is me (taking the picture) with Steve and Ian talking through the handover last weekend, oh and shamefully getting them to sign more books, but this time some of them will go as prizes over at the official site when I get around to running a competition or two.

I will try not to neglect this site and it will stay live.

26th May 2011


This evening I was greeted with some exciting news from a Martin Gooch who is a Producer/Directer/Writer for a company called Gothic Manor ltd. He has announced, hot off the press, that he has written a screenplay for Deathtrap Dungeon and it's off to Hollywood! this article explains more:


You should also check out this link for another of his works http://vimeo.com/22618055 It is very important you watch it all the way to the end!

22nd May 2011

Listed below are the books I have for sale. All signed by Ian Livingstone. If you are interested get in touch and we can talk prices. They are all mostly in very good condition, I will tell you otherwise. A few of them are for sale on my ebay account from time to time (highlighted in red) so you need to check the one you want hasn't gone.






A Cidadela Do Caos



9, 11, 13, 15, 16 (x2), 18



1, 5, 6, 8  (x3).



1, 2 (x3)



Varkaiden Kaupunki



23, 46, 52 (x2), 53 (x2), 55, 56.



Sorcery 1-4



2, 5, 10, 16, 18, 29, 35, 44, 45, 47, 48, 49, 51, 53, 54, 57



Spielbuchs (hardback and softback compilations 3 books in 1)



2, 4






La Casa Internale



Amassmorra Da Morte



La Ciudadela Del Caos



24, 28 (x2), 29, 30, 31 (x2), 32 (x2), 33 (x2), 35.



1 (x3), 4, 6 (x5).



1, 3 (x3)



Original Gamebooks:  2, 4 (x3), 10 (x2), 15, 19, 22, 30, 31.





Wizard Gamebooks: 1 (x2), 2 (x3), 4 (x4), 5, 6 (x4), 7 (x3), 8 (x3), 9, 10 (x7), 11 (x2), 12, 13 (x2), 14 (x3), 15 (x2), 16, 17, 18 (x2), 19 (x4), 20 (x5), 23 (x2), 24, 25, 26, 27 (x3), 28 (x3), 29 (x4).

14th May 2011

Blimey, all this activity. Firstly, I receive through my door a few days back the three books mentioned below in my 3rd May article. Thanks to Cubicle 7 who sent them with their compliments. 

And secondly a Paul Arneil made contact with me yesterday with a picture of this poster I had not listed in my collector's guide. So a big thanks goes out to him for bringing this Sorcery! poster to these pages.



3rd May 2011

I am aware I haven't updated the site for a while so I thought it time to say a few words for returning fans and new visitors alike. I can assure you I am still alive and kicking and still very much waving the FF flag. I have to say I don't have any great finds to report other than to report we have the continued re-publication of the books in the new series and we have the 3 revised Advanced FF titles to look forward to. You can also see my latest article in the next Fantazine. Be assured I will let you know if I do find something new and exciting.

Ever since I set up this website I have been using MS Frontpage but since I keep being unsupported by my host(s) I have found it almost impossible to keep this site going. I am currently using a web-based product to write this article and one that will at least let me make minor amends but as it does not allow me to do as much as I could, it is therefore time I made a new one. So, I have found a new web provider that I will be using to replace this one.  It will look different but contain pretty much the same content but with the addition of a discussion forum and blog so that I can engage with the FF community better.

I have to mention as well that I have been busy selling signed books on behalf of Ian Livingstone that you may have seen for sale on eBay. I have loads still to sell but mainly foreign titles, if you are interested get in touch. You will also find version 2 of my collector guide on there.

One thing I need to get of my chest is the divide I have sensed for some time now between the unofficial forums (inc Fantazine followers alike) and the official FF site. It disheartens me to read some of the destructive opinions of some and in some way wish I could change that. I agree it could do with updating more often and doesn't reflect the needs or input of the aformentioned but is essentially a great site. Maybe I should try and do something about that and investigate how best the two can come together so the site appeals to old and new fans alike. Let me know your thughts on this.

Until the next time.


On Sunday 28th November 2010 I met Ian Livingstone at his house where he proceeded to sign over 300 duplicate books for me from his own collection. I also got to take pictures of rare gems that I will be releasing on this site over the coming weeks. Sadly, I couldn't walk out with those. Once I have inventoried everything I will be selling them for him so watch this space. When I left he was going back to writing his next Fighting Fantasy title, I tried to get more detail but his lips were sealed.


Welcome to my Fighting Fantasy website. 

This site will satisfy any Fighting Fantasy collector looking for an archive of all known related FF material.  More....

 8 - Night of the Necromancer (NEW material) 11 - Howl of the Werewolf 12- Trial of Champions 13- Curse of the Mummy 14 - Forest of Doom




Wow, Wow and Wow. Wonders never cease to amaze me. Thanks to Andy (greyarea13) from the Titan Rebuilding Yahoo forum for the finds below.

"Inside the poster book was a four page pamphlet (basically a folded piece of A3 poster paper). On the front is an intro plug of text for Return to Firetop Mountain and Shadowmaster, celebrating FF's 10th anniversary. The back page has a list of the first 50 FF titles and mini bios on Ian and Steve.

The middle two pages however feature a poster version of Terry Oakes' cover for the 10th Anniversary Yearbook, complete with Hell Demon, Caarth, Minotaur, Shapechanger, Fangtiger, Flying Fish of Ilklala, Fog Devil, Giant Sand Worm and Dragon. It looks amazing at this size and is just as good as the actual posters in the poster book."




And the legendary Deathtrap Dungeon Eidos Beermat


EXCLUSIVE NEWS: A House of Hell movie is to be released, see more details here.

Introducing the much awaited Checklist and Price Guide

Once paid for I will e-mail you the 30 page pdf


  • Take a look at this video of some plank taking the mickey out of the books.
  • Great artwork from Phantoms of Fear cover by Ian Miller.
  • Viceland.com interview with Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone (WARNING: risqué site content)
Take a peek at some artwork by Martin Mckenna for the latest title 'Night of the Necromancer' to be released in April 2010.
A few pictures and a write-up of my day at the gaming convention GAMESFEST 4 on 24th October 2009
If you haven't done so already take a visit to Unnatural History: The online presence of writer Jonathan Green (author of Stormslayer and many other FF titles)

Expect to see more new titles  and a re-release of some of the original titles with a new shield design. It is being called Series 2 and the books are in a different order again. The following is anticipated:

  1. Warlock of Firetop Mountain,

  2. Citadel of Chaos

  3. Deathtrap Dungeon

  4. Stormslayer (New)

  5. Creature of Havoc

  6. City of Thieves

  7. Bloodbones

    1. Night of the Necromancer (New)
    2. House of Hell
    3. Eye of the Dragon
    4. Howl of the Werewolf
    5. Trial of Champions


Check out this awesome French Site that holds scans of numerous foreign cover variations




make contact by e-mail if you have questions or new information to share

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